Digital Business Management

Manage your Digital Footprint

There was a time when you had to advertise in the phone book. There was a time when you had to send advertisement in print or had a full time phone answering staff. In today's world of instant reviews and social media, it is harder to manage all the streams of information on your business out there. 

Here at Odin's Tooth we are combining some of the old methods of customer management, advertising and business management into a one-stop shop that will make it easier for you to concentrate on what it is you do and leave the rest to us.

In the world now, not having a digital presence or having one that is not managed can be a hindrance to a small business. People of today are going to research you online before they call. We can help you present the best part your business to the front. Addressing negative situations on the web and social media and help you keep that bottom line in the black.

Like having a full time staff at a fixed cost helping you grow and maintain your overhead at a reasonable cost.. 

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